Caribbean Coding Academy – Donation Request

Target Audience:  (General Public)    

We are asking for donations from Businesses, Community Organizations, Individuals, Expats’, Political Groups, and the Tourism Community

Our Objectives: To invest in Tech Job Training and Employment Opportunities for bright and talented youths in underserved communities from the Caribbean and around the globe. This investment would keep these youths in the Caribbean and the skills obtained are measurable, transferable and exportable to countries all over the world.

Our Request: Is extremely simple, whatever you can do and as often as possible.

The Donation tab will allow you to donate as little as $5 US dollars.

Our Goal: Our campaign is to raise $100,000 US dollars over the next 60-days and to train 50 young persons both male and female in Games Development.

Specific Project: Currently the Caribbean Coding Academy has been contracted to develop a comprehensive American football application that provides the Quarterback with an interactive view of how to read and respond to the defensive schemes. The application will progress to having all 22 players on the field for skill training. Specifics on the developing software company is Equalizer Games INC is a US based corporation based in St. Louis created by Coach John Tomlinson who has coached at every level from Youth Football, High School, College, USFL, and the NFL, John brings real coaching expertise to improve a players chance to craft their skills

Caribbean Coding Academy 

We are a small yet agile technology training company supporting: 

  • The aim for us is to teach the professionals all the skills they would need to work in a specific area within the software development field. Train students throughout the Caribbean for entry level software positions around the world.
  • Develop an individualized curriculum for each student.
  • Assessment skill based platform to qualify the best students.
  • Develop Student Business Skills.
  • Ability to recruit and train marginalized people around the world.
  • Bridge Program for college graduates to find employment in the information technology field.
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These are the key objectives of the program that we think can change our society for the better.

The CCA will work tirelessly to ensure that all these objectives are met. For additional information on Caribbean Coding Academy, please feel free to visit the following links below:

Or you can type in@caribbeancodingacademy in YouTube search. 

Where are we currently doing business: CCA is located on the island of Grenada noted as the safest island in the Caribbean AKA the “Spice Isle” where they show great love and hospitality to everyone. Grenada is quietly building its tourism base with some of the most luxurious homes and vacationing destinations.

We want to thank everyone in advance even if you’re unable to donate or contribute to the cause. Please feel free to share this link with your friends, family co-workers, church, and community organizations.

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Why Support Caribbean Technology Community?

The knowledge-based workforce of the future will be heavily dependent on computer coding skills. It is believed that in the very near future computer coding will be as essential a skill to have for many entry-level positions, in the same way that word processing and spreadsheet facilities are today. Around the world, developing countries are training more and more of their students in computer programming (coding), and much of that focus begins with html (for Website Development) and cell-phone apps. Even at this level, the Caribbean is being left behind in the race. By not sufficiently developing computer programming skills in its population, the Caribbean is unable to take full advantage of its potential to build a modern-day workforce and to diversify its economies.

Why Grenada?

Technological convergence

  • Location & climate
  • Financial & political stability
  • Abundance in natural resources
  • Limited industries

 High literacy rates

  • Youth unemployment & underemployment
  • Strong diaspora connections
  • Appetite for transformation (Govt’ & Business)
  • Size vs Impact
  • Voted as the safest island in the Caribbean

Anticipated Benefits of the Coding

  • A raised awareness and increased opportunities for more persons to consider science and engineering as career options
  • Better preparation of our students for university study in the STEM disciplines
  • A more appropriately trained future knowledge-based workforce – more graduates with enhanced skill sets and qualifications will obtain entry level positions in the workplace (especially at-risk youth)
  • Promotion of more technology-based entrepreneurship, and more self-employment opportunities for our youth
  • Eventual formation of more globally competitive ICT companies that could bring in more foreign exchange
  • Scale up and spreading of coding workshops into other Caribbean countries
  • Regional mobilization onto a path to catch up with the more developed countries in the ICT areas
  • Ignition and nurturing of the inventiveness in our youth so that the next “Google” has a reasonable probability of coming out of the Caribbean
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