About Us – Football Game On Phone

The Equalizer Games Inc. was created in 2015 by Coach  and Author of 4th & Inches: A Football Coach’s Season Devotional, John Tomlinson to teach football players their individualized positions in a fun and cognitive way using the mobile and online gaming app that allows them to transfer what they learn to the field. The initial gaming app for release is The Quarterback Equalizer. This app will help aid quarterbacks from neighborhood teams and schools to collegiate and professional levels better understand how to dissect an opponent’s defensive coverage.

The Quarterback Equalizer is designed to train the quarterback’s eyes to know what to look for quickly in a defensive behavior and to better execute plays. The Quarterback Equalizer is a must-have game for quarterbacks, coaches, avid football fans and sports broadcasters who want to better understand what defenses are doing during the course of a game. The Quarterback Equalizer is the first in a series of games created that help users better ascertain the nuances of a pass defense within seconds to execute the offensive concept successfully and faster.

About Coach Tomlinson

John Tomlinson started his coaching career in 1994 at Cardinal Gibbons High School in Raleigh, NC. He is one of a few coaches who has coached on every level of football – pop warner, high school, college and the National Football League. He has been a part of state championship coaching staffs and has helped build
formidable teams at schools from the east coast to the southwest. In 2010, he began an internship with the Indianapolis Colts and in 2017 he served the Cleveland Browns as an Assistant QB Coach and Quality Control Coach.